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Orion Pax

A laborer robot who enjoyed peace and prosperity in an era known as Cybertron's Golden Age, some nine million years ago. He and his good friend Dion, who also transformed into a transport vehicle, conducted delivery work at the energon storehouses. His body was composed of two autonomous units and could divide into the main module, Orion, and the industrial droid Barrelroller, who could transform into an electromagnetic lift handle. Later, he would be severely injured in an attack by Megatron, but at the hands of Alpha Trion, who recognized in Orion an uncommonly strong spirit and ability to get things done, he would be reborn as the first of Cybertron's new defenders, Optimus Prime.

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First Appearances

First/Last Comic Appearance (US) -
First/Last Comic Appearance (UK) -
First/Last Cartoon Appearance - Episode 59 (Season 2 #43), December 25th 1985
First Toy Appearance - 2005

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